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  • What if we say hello in this post? 👋🏼

    Posted by Wandie Master  on 23/08/2022 a las 08:35

    Hi, Wandies!
    I think it would be a good idea if we use this post to say hello to everybody; what do you think? This can be the first step for every new wandie. Who starts?

    Thank you very much and much magic! ✨

    Maga Isabella replied hace 1 year, 9 meses 3 Members · 5 Replies
  • 5 Replies
  • andyderzauberopa

    26/08/2022 a las 20:26

    • Hi, ich bin Andy (der Zauber-Opa) ein deutschsprachiger Wandie, 52 Jahre alt, mit dem Zaubern habe ich Weihnachten 1982 angefangen. Zu meinem “Namenszusatz” (der Zauber-Opa) bin ich über die iMagicBox gekommen. Da fragte ein Wandie mal nach unserem Alter. Zu der Zeit war ich der Älteste und meinte: “Dann bin ich hier ja der Opa…” und daraus hat sich dann mit der Zeit (der Zauber-Opa) entwickelt. Mein lieblings Gebiet ist die Salon-Magie.

    Ich wünsche uns allen hier auf Wandies World eine wunderschöne Zeit.

    Euer Andy

    English translation:

    <Hi, I’m Andy (der Zauber-Opa) a German-speaking Wandie, 52 years old, I started magic at Christmas 1982. I came to my “additional name” (the magic grandpa) via the iMagicBox. A Wandie once asked our age. At the time I was the oldest and said: “Then I’m here the grandpa…” and over time (the magic grandpa) developed from that. My favorite area is parlor magic.

    I wish everyone here at Wandies World a wonderful time.

    Your Andy

  • Wandie Master

    29/08/2022 a las 08:46

    Hi, Grandpa! 😉
    It’s really nice to have you at Wandies World! ✨
    We hope you enjoy it!
    Thank you very much and much magic!

  • Maga Isabella

    29/08/2022 a las 14:12

    Hi, I’m Maga Isabela’s sister because she can’t speak English 😅. She is 10 years and I’m 13 years old. I love the people aren’t children but also use these things. Never stop to do magic, please. I hope more adults will be interested in magic. Thank you for not forgot the magic in theses years.

    Good bye.

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    • Wandie Master

      29/08/2022 a las 14:23

      Welcome Maga Isabella and sister! 😉

      Happy to have both of you around! ✨

      • Maga Isabella

        29/08/2022 a las 21:49

        Thank you 🥰💕

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